5 x Per Week

We concentrate on strength 5 x per week based around compound lifts for 20-25 minutes depending on the program and targeted area. Incorperating strongman, powerlifting and functional supersets. 

Prepare to be inspired and reuinite your love for strength training!



2 x Per Week

We incorporate weightlifting into our program 2 x per week. Focusing on technique development and skill progressions, we guide you through the beautiful art form that is Olympic weightlifting.

Breaking down the technical aspects of all major lifts including the Clean, Jerk & Snatch.

This class is perfect for anyone looking to improve their lifting performance, range of motion and strength!

Gymnastic Based skill development

2x per week

We incorporate skill development 2 x times per week. Focusing on progressions and building strength towards skills such as handstands, rope climbs, pull-ups & muscle ups! 

Each 4 weeks our focus shifts to a new movement. Allowing you to develop and perfect those technical skills.

Get ready to be inspired by what your body is capable of!


10 - 20 - 30min - Daily

We incorporate conditioning into all of our daily programs. From 5min sprints to 30min endurance workouts! We build our workouts around the skills and strength movements you develop here at antics.

Allowing your workouts to progress and develop as you do!


3 x A WEEK

Per Week
We recommend training at least 3 x a week in order to achieve your goals.


Per Week
Hooked on the antics? Go unlimited and come as many times as you like!


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