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Group Training

This class is broken down into two key areas. Strength/Skills - this allows you to build muscle, increase range of motion and work on technique. Conditioning - High intensity workouts designed to drive that heart rate up, promote lean muscle mass and increase overall fitness.

Personal Training

Customized training programs - catered specifically to your goals! Whether you're looking to increase muscle mass, lose a little weight or develop your technical skills. This session will allow us to focus on the key elements specific to your training, in a private gym setting.

Nutrition Coaching

The reality is, no one diet works for everyone. Healthy eating is all about a healthy lifestyle. If you don't enjoy it, you won't stick with it! We work with you one on one, building a custom nutrition plan that works for your training, goals and life all while being satiating and flexible.

What drives us!

Empowering others to unlock their true potential and discover what their bodies are capable of. It's an incredible journey watching someone grow and push past personal limits.


Will i fit in?

Antics was created with the intention of building an environment where people are free to be themselves. A place where you feel encouraged accepted and part of the family!

are all fitness levels welcomed?

Designed for all levels of health and fitness, you will have access to incredible coaches that will help you achieve your goals through a dynamic, result-driven programme. Any movement can be adapted/regressed if needed within the class environment.

What classes are offered?

At Antics, we offer a range of classes that cover many different aspects of training. Strength, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastic Based Skill Development, & Conditioning. There is something for everyone!


About the Antics



At Antics Gymnasium, our goal is to Inspire Change

Your goals become our goals with passionate coaches guiding you every step of the way. Ensuring you move correctly and at the right intensity to get the best results out of every workout. We specialize in weightlifting, gymnastics, resistance and bodyweight training which we combine to create a unique program that delivers incredible long-term results.



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The antics difference

What sets us apart


We have a big focus on technique to make sure your not only seeing the results you are working for, but more importantly to prevent injuries.

hard work

We know time is important, so we will help you work hard while you're here. The effort you put in, will reflect in your results - both physically and mentally.


Whether its group classes or personal training, you are in the comfort of a spacious, private gym. 


Our members are part of our family. We treat everyone with the upmost respect and have built a true community at Antics!

amazing crew with an amazing attitude

Michael Anstis

This is by far the best fitness centre that i ever went to. Coach carter is one mean instructor with lot of credentials. He knows what he is doing and make sure that everyone's doing the workout in the proper manner. Antics gym offers workout in the morning, evening and is flexible enough. The workout sessions are pretty effective and challenging. I have been to normal gym before but i will chose antics over the former anyday everyday!

Abin Moses

Before finding Antics, I wasn’t interested in a gym atmosphere, but it has changed my perspective 100%. If you want a dedicated coaching experience with the expertise, variety in movements, workouts, and overall body transformation, Antics deliver.

Aimee Pollock

Great gym and excellent coaches. Very comfortable atmosphere especially coming from a beginner like me! Cam taught me how to squat and maintain form which I never thought I'd be able to do in a million years. The skills you learn will be transferred all throughout your daily life. Highly recommend. 10/10

Rebecca Neil

Started my journey off with a boring old gym routine, then tried out f45 and now onto Antics Gym. Cam is a great instructor with a lot of experience and passion for what he does. Highly reccomend if you're wanting to get in amazing shape with out the expensive membership fees!

Sarah Pivac

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  • Membership Options suited to your lifestyle/training schedule

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